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Nice black pussy !!!
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Jenna let my waist go. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she urged me to turn around. I spun to face her and she immediately stepped closer to me. Raising her arms over her head, she did a slow, sexy shimmy all the way down to the floor. I gasped at the feeling of her hands on the backs of my knees. As she began to work her way back up, her soft hands slid all the way up the back of my legs right up under my skirt.“Anytime,” she said with a smile, as she walked out of my room. Anytime?I could feel her hot breath on my neck and became aware of her breasts touching mine as she leaned in close. As if they had a will of their own, my nipples stiffened despite the awkwardness of the situation. A sense of relief flowed through me when she eased away from me. That relief was short-lived as she leaned against the bar and continued to stare at me with that mocking smile.“Yeah, it’s big,” Cassidy said with some appreciation. “I maybe saw some bigger, but I’ve never touched one like this.”

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“Speaking of shows,” Jenna went on, “How about one more?” She looked over her shoulder at Doug. After giving him a playful wave, she turned back. “Come on, you don’t think Doug would like to see you dance with me? Your cute little neighbor acting not so cute? Bet that would really get him going.” She sighed. “I know it would get me hot.“Elly giggled, raising the slick, dripping runerod to Ia’s eye level. “But here’s the thing!” she said, beaming at Ia. “Only good girls get to come, and only bimbos can be my good girls. And if you don’t come… you get stupid.”“Well, I’ll see what I can do,” John promised as they pulled up to their house.“Listen, I’m flattered but—”