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Neurological pain is usually an unrelenting and annoying discomfort that can't be localized precisely but is generally confined to the territory of an affected nerve or nerves, in any part of the body or head. .


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Support for patients with pain and related neurological disorders. Discussions among patients, families, caregivers and professionals on topics related to diagnosis, treatment, and activities of daily living.


Omega-3 supplements and antioxidants may help with preclinical Alzheimer disease
Jun 30, 2015
Here's more evidence that fish oil supplementation and antioxidants might be beneficial for at least some people facing Alzheimer disease: a new report published in The FASEB Journal describes the findings of a small study in which people with mild clinical impairment saw clearance of the hallmark amyloid-beta protein and reduced inflammation in neurologic tissues.
His and her pain circuitry in the spinal cord
Jun 29, 2015
New research released today in Nature Neuroscience reveals for the first time that pain is processed in male and female mice using different cells. These findings have far-reaching implications for our basic understanding of pain, how we develop the next generation of medications for chronic pain and the way we execute basic biomedical research using mice.
Study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety and depression
Jun 09, 2015
Brain inflammation caused by chronic nerve pain alters activity in regions that regulate mood and motivation, suggesting for the first time that a direct biophysical link exists between long-term pain and the depression, anxiety, and substance abuse seen in more than half of these patients, UC Irvine and UCLA researchers report.
Impaired sleep linked to lower pain tolerance
May 01, 2015
People with insomnia and other sleep problems have increased sensitivity to pain, reports a study published in PAIN®. The new study is the first to link insomnia and impaired sleep to reduced pain tolerance in a large, general population sample.
Cellular signals for pain fine tune neurons’ sensitivity to opiods
Apr 13, 2015
At the cellular level, pain and pain relief are caused by 2 different signaling pathways. But the 2 pathways aren't necessarily independent of one another, according to a study published in Cell Reports. The researchers determined the mechanism by which cellular signals for pain fine-tunes neurons' sensitivity to opioids. The finding could help researchers better understand pain and addiction.
Researchers identify possible new targets for treating pain in women
Aug 18, 2011
Dissimilar interaction of opioid receptors may explain why men and women experience pain differently, according to a research findings published in both the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Neuroscience.
New imaging technique captures brain activity in patients with chronic low back pain
Jul 27, 2011
Research from Brigham and Women's Hospital uses a new imaging technique, arterial spin labeling, to show the areas of the brain that are activated when patients with low back pain have a worsening of their usual, chronic pain.
Yoga boosts cortisol, reduces pain
Jul 27, 2011
A new study by York University researchers finds that practicing yoga reduces the physical and psychological symptoms of chronic pain in women with fibromyalgia.
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