Vestibular schwannoma

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By Donald A Ross MD

Vestibular schwannoma is also known as or subsumes Acoustic neurinoma, Acoustic neuroma, and Acoustic schwannoma. -ed.

Dr. Ross of Oregon Health and Science University reviews the etiology, diagnosis, and management of vestibular schwannomas. Particular attention is given to treatment controversies, including the role of observation, surgery, and stereotactic radiosurgery in the management of these tumors. The molecular etiology of these tumors is reviewed as new developments may soon lead to new medical treatment options for these tumors. Data on the role of noise exposure and the controversial role of cell phones in the development of vestibular schwannoma are reviewed.

Key Points

  • Treatment options for vestibular schwannomas are rapidly evolving as new outcome data relevant to tumor control and quality of life are reported.
  • The molecular etiology of these tumors is being elucidated and may soon lead to novel medical treatments.
  • The causative role of cell phone usage as a cause of vestibular schwannoma continues to be controversial.

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