Parkinson disease quality-of-care measures

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By Douglas J Lanska MD MS MSPH

The 10 final Parkinson disease quality measures are templated into a checklist format below based on the table in the article (p. 2024). This can be copied into an electronic progress note or can be separately printed and checked manually.

AAN Parkinson disease quality measure checklist:

NOTE: Check mark in left column indicates activity completed. In contrast, unless otherwise specified, check mark in indented column indicates feature/issue present and lack of mark in this indented column indicates feature/issue absent.

[] 1. Parkinson disease diagnosis review (annually)

[] Review of current medications

[] Review of atypical features

[] falls at presentation

[] falls early in disease course

[] poor response to levodopa

[] symmetry at onset

[] rapid progression (ie, to Hoehn and Yahr stage 3 in 3 years, and especially to stage 3 in 1 year)

[] lack of tremor

[] early dysautonomia (unrelated to treatment)

[] other (specify):

[] 2. Psychiatric disorders or disturbances assessment (at least annually)

[] psychosis

[] depression

[] suicidal ideation

[] anxiety disorder

[] apathy

[] impulse control disorder

[] other (specify):

[] 3. Cognitive impairment or dysfunction assessment (at least annually)

[] 4. Questioned about symptoms of autonomic dysfunction (at least annually)

[] orthostatic hypotension

[] constipation

[] urinary urgency

[] urinary incontinence

[] urinary retention requiring catheterization

[] fecal incontinence

[] persistent erectile dysfunction

[] other (specify):

[] 5. Questioned about sleep disturbances (at least annually)

[] 6. Questioned about falls (all visits)

[] 7. Parkinson disease-related therapy options (eg, physical, occupational, or speech therapy) discussed (at least annually)

[] 8. Parkinson disease-related safety issues counseling concerning context-specific safety issues appropriate to the patient's stage of disease (at least annually)

[] injury prevention

[] medication management

[] driving

[] other (specify):

[] 9. Questioned about Parkinson disease medication-related motor complications (all visits)

[] wearing off

[] dyskinesias

[] on-off phenomenon, and off time

[] other (specify):

[] 10. Parkinson disease medical and surgical treatment options reviewed (at least annually)

[] nonpharmacologic treatment

[] pharmacologic treatment

[] surgical treatment

[] other (specify):

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