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By K K Jain MD

This clinical article is a historical introduction and overview of the pathophysiology and management of pain. Some of the current concepts of the pathomechanism of neuropathic pain are described as a basis for the development of new approaches for management. This review will be a useful guide for the practicing physician when sorting out and categorizing various pain problems for further investigation and management. Commonly used drugs as well as nonpharmacological approaches, including surgical procedures for the management of intractable pain, are listed.

Key points

  • Pain is an important symptom of neurologic disorders.
  • Management of chronic pain, particularly neuropathic pain, is a challenge.
  • An understanding of the pathomechanisms of various types of pain is helpful in developing a management strategy.
  • Treatment of chronic pain is multidisciplinary and requires a choice as well as a combination of various methods for a personalized approach.