Molecular diagnosis of neurologic disorders

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By K K Jain MD

Molecular diagnosis can be defined as the clinical application of molecular technologies to elucidate, diagnose, and monitor human diseases. In this clinical article, Dr. K K Jain, a neurology consultant in Basel, Switzerland, gives an introduction to basic technologies and new developments in application for clinical diagnostics. These technologies are important for precise and rapid diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system, such as infections, brain tumors, genetic disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. Introduction of nanotechnology in diagnostics has further refined these procedures.

Key points

  • Molecular diagnosis is the clinical application of molecular technologies to refine diagnosis.
  • Many new biotechnologies have been incorporated in molecular diagnostics including biochips and nanobiotechnology.
  • Molecular diagnostics has important applications in neurology including genetic disorders, infections, and cancer of the nervous system.
  • Besides diagnosis of disease, molecular diagnostic technologies are also useful for drug discovery, monitoring of therapy by using biomarkers, and the development of personalized neurology.