Leptomeningeal metastasis

Historical note and nomenclature
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By Jai Grewal MD, J Paul Duic MD, Kimberly Prabhu, and Santosh Kesari MD PhD

Leptomeningeal metastasis is also known as Carcinomatous meningitis, Drop metastases, Meningeal carcinomatosis, Meningeal lymphomatosis, Meningeal gliomatosis, and Myelomatous meningitis.

The first pathological description was by Olliver in 1837, followed by Eberth (Eberth 1870). The first description of carcinoma cells in CSF may be that by Dufour (Dufour 1904). Beerman coined the term "meningeal carcinomatosis" (Beerman 1912). The term “leptomeningeal metastasis” is favored because it includes malignancies other than carcinoma and excludes dural metastasis.