Headache associated with cervical spine dysfunction

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By Julio Pascual MD

Headache associated with cervical spine dysfunction is also known as or subsumes Cephale cervicale, Cervical headache, and Cervicogenic headache. -ed.

In this clinical article, Dr. Julio Pascual, Director of the Clinical Neuroscience Area of the University Hospital Central de Asturias in Oviedo, Spain, reviews the variety of headaches associated with cervical spine dysfunction. After reviewing the rare, well-defined potential causes of headache of cervical origin, such as developmental or acquired lesions of the craniovertebral junction, and critically discussing other controversial etiologies, he focuses on the concept of cervicogenic headache, taking into account both the accepted criteria of the International Headache Society and Sjaastad’s concept of cervicogenic headache. Current treatments and mechanisms underlying cervicogenic headache are updated.