Cryptococcal meningitis

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By Joseph R Berger MD

Both cryptococcal pneumonia (Ely et al 1998; LaGatta et al 1998) and meningitis (Philpot and Lo 1972; Silberfarb et al 1972; Curole 1981; Jones and Craig 1983; Stafford et al 1983; Kida et al 1989; Chotmongkol and Siricharoensang 1991; Chotmongkol and Sookprasert 1992; Pereira et al 1993; Chen and Wang 1996) have been reported during pregnancy. Dissemination of Cryptococcus to the placenta has been reported in the setting of AIDS (Kida et al 1989). Whether there is an increased incidence of cryptococcal infection in this population remains unanswered, but a small increment is not unlikely. Although a potential risk of fetal drug toxicity exists, the reported cases to date indicate good survivals of both mother and infant and no lasting toxicity.

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